Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the Fields

I was talking with a friend last night about painting outside. His view was it was a challenging process that many would not want to tackle. I have painted out of doors for years and I would recommend it to any artist. One of the ways to make it easier is to be as portable as possible - small paint box with paint already squeezed out. I don't take tubes into the field. Small boards or canvas at the ready, a section of 2 or 3 brushes. I bring a couple of dry  cloths to wipe brushes between colour. I don't use any mediums so that minimizes things to carry - I have a really light easel and a small fold up stool. All of this fits into one shoulder bag. I can walk for miles with it.

A few weeks ago I was painting a farm from the side of the road, the owner walked up and asked me if I wanted to come in and paint. He gave me a free run of the property and I have returned to spend some pleasant hours in his fields.

My first paintings out of doors were as unsuccessful as my first paintings indoors - but keep at it, good things will happen if you stick with it.


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